About the Author
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It is my joy to write Christian material of all kinds, to honor my Savior and my King! My published articles, fiction and non-fiction, interviews, puppet shows, drama and devotionals can be found in various denominational and general Christian periodicals for children and adults.

Each time I moved during my lifetime, I always looked around at the local churches, to see where God was at work. My search scanned across denominational lines, and focused on the local church. Wherever I found an exciting, devoted, active congregation joyfully serving the Lord and their communities - I jumped in!

Thus I have been an active member of three different denominations, and an active participant in two other denominations.

I think God had a long-term plan in the works for me...

Growing up in a Unitarian style congregation, our church youth group was sent to visit several other churches during eighth grade, and we prepared by studying the various denominations. When returning from a church visit, we took a 'test' on the beliefs and practices of each one.

One day we visited a church where I truly heard the gospel. While witnessing a baptism, I gave my heart to Jesus. I remember gazing at sunlight filtering through the window, and flooding the pew where I sat. Jesus is alive!

When I returned home, my best friend and I asked her mother to take us to different churches around the city on Sundays. 

And thus my excursions to several denominations continued. At the time, I couldn't have told you why I wanted to do that with my friend. All I knew was that I wanted to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

Now, I look back and see the marvelous hand of God who has given me a deep appreciation and understanding for the various denominational distinctives.

I love Jesus, I love His church, and I love the path that He has set me on...writing for His glory.